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How to Build Cobra Kit Cars UK

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How to Build Cobra Kit Cars UK

Author Elise Humphreys  |  8th February 2021

By Charlotte Iggulden Due to the success of the original Shelby sports car, building an Cobra roadster has proven to be hugely popular.  However, do not confuse a ‘kit car’ with a giant Lego build. You are building a high performance, roadworthy vehicle, the consequences of which could affect your safety and others. Everything must be fitted together with the right tolerances. There are also always ...

How to Find the Right Donor Car for Kit Car Projects

Author Elise Humphreys  |  25th January 2021

By Niamh Smith People enjoy kit car projects for different reasons. Some like having projects in the garage to tinker with; some feel it takes the stress out of the bad parts of classic car ownership (such as the constant battle with rust) and for some, it’s a cheaper way to own their dream sports car. While those in the know will recognise it as a ...

Best Cobra Replicas for Sale in the UK

Author Elise Humphreys  |  4th January 2021

By Charlotte Iggulden The British-American AC Cobra was a collaboration between Texas racing driver, Carroll Shelby, and English Company AC Cars. The Shelby Cobra, later known as the AC Cobra or Ford Cobra, is reputedly the most copied classic car in the world, making up a significant percentage of the popular kit car industry.  Five Best Cobra Replicas and Cobra Kit Cars Made and Sold in UK DAX ...

Tips For Outside Classic Car Storage In The UK

Author Elise Humphreys  |  14th December 2020

By Lucy Hotchkiss December doesn’t just bring advent calendars, mince pies and mulled wine; it also marks the beginning of winter.  Low humidity and plummeting temperatures can wreak absolute havoc on any stored vehicle, having the potential to cause rusting, dead batteries and low tires. For classic and prestige cars, winter weather can even render your car unsafe to drive.  In this article, we’ll share some tips with ...