The Pilgrim Speedster Kit Car

The Speedster Self-Build Kit

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You’ll need a VW Beetle as a donor car for the main chassis. We’ll supply the rest.


Full technical phone and email support over five days a week, exclusive to modular build clients.


Easy to assemble: no need for a massive workshop or parts storage. Receive IVA preparation and guidance throughout the project.

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The Speedster Kit Car Includes...

  • Sub chassis
  • Body tub
  • Doors
  • Boot and Bonnet
  • All hinges for doors, boot and bonnet
  • Bumpers

Over the years the Speedster has become one of our most prolific sellers and we can now offer the car in a self-build option.

You will need to purchase a VW Beetle to build this iconic car. This is what we call a donor car. The ideal donor we recommend is a swing axle Beetle with 4 stud fixing and a 12-volt system.

Based on the V.W Beetle, this kit car uses many of its original parts. From the chassis, to the engine, steering, and running gear. This kit supplies all the body panels and the sub-chassis, the latter of which attaches to the main beetle chassis.

The Beetle chassis needs shortening by 11 inches or 275mm to have the correct wheelbase for the Speedster. We can shorten your chassis for you if you prefer; please call for a quote. If you want to do it yourself, we can help by having one of our metalwork team call you and run through what you need to do.

If you like the idea of upgrading the front and rear suspension and maybe adding front disc brakes to your build, we can guide you through that process also. Most of our clients purchase the Speedster Build manual from our webshop. This gives you a real insight into your build. The cost of this is £29.50 + VAT, refundable upon purchase of the kit.

A Unique Driving Experience

We know a self-build project can be intimidating. We constantly have cars under construction; why not come and visit the factory to have a look? Have a chat with our technicians, they build cars daily! We try to carry all the stock required to build the speedsters and have a demonstration model available for test drives. Please call for availability.

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