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We’ve been in the business For Over 60 Years. Our team has the best engineers available. We’ll guide you through.

Technical Support

Full technical phone and email support over five days a week, exclusive to modular build clients.

Easy Assemble

Easy to assemble: no need for a massive workshop or parts storage. Receive IVA preparation and guidance throughout the project.

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Tech Help

Giving technical advice is an important part of our relationship with our customers, and we welcome your calls. However, in order to best utilise the availability of our staff, we respectfully request you please initially email us, attaching relevant photographs and leaving a contact telephone number. Your technical questions will then be discussed at the morning meeting, and we will either email or call you to offer advice and instruction or ask for further details.

We hope you also appreciate that any interruption during the building process of a car may result in components being incorrectly fitted or tightened (a serious safety consideration). We incur high demand for technical advice, so we answer all queries in rotation and endeavour to do this as quickly as possible.

A Unique Driving Experience

We know a self-build project can be intimidating. We constantly have cars under construction; why not come and visit the factory to have a look? Have a chat with our technicians, they build cars daily! We try to carry all the stock required to build the speedsters and have a demonstration model available for test drives. Please call for availability.

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