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We will keep you on track throughout your build with regular progress checks and follow-up calls.
Full technical phone and e-mail support 5 1/2 days a week, exclusively for modular build customers.
Welcome to Pilgrim Motorsports Modular Build Program

Pilgrim Motorsports are proud to offer the brand spanking new modular build system , designed as an easy, manageable path to building your own Replica Cobra.

Breaking the build down into 10 bite size modules that create a methodical, step by step, process.
You get the parts you need at the time you need them. This will make the build process far more structured, in the same way we build them here in our factory.
We think this is the very best and easiest way to assemble your Cobra 427 replica without needing a massive workshop and storage for donor cars etc.
Our Modular Build also lets you pay for the modules as you need them, so no need to commit the the total build cost in one go! Pay as you Assemble. Go at your own pace and budget….
We think its the probably the easiest and most efficient way to build your dream car.

Take advantage of both financial (pay as you go) and practical benefits.

The IVA Test – What we can do to help?
Whilst the IVA Test may bring you out into cold sweat, I assure you it is nothing to get yourself worked up about. Dozens of people are still building cars, and successfully getting IVA pass certificates every day. There are a few wrinkles that must be observed, and we are pretty well versed on most of the pitfalls. Here are a few pointers that you would do well to observe.
Get a copy of the current legislation
If authentic is your build goal, do not get worked up about every last piece that doesn’t stack up to IVA Specification.
Accept that certain things will not work at IVA.
Do not expect a pass on your first visit (If you get a pass, smile broadly).
Work with companies who offer solutions.
So, how can we at Pilgrim Motorsports help you with the IVA Test.
Firstly, we sell you all the right parts to make sure your car goes through IVA, and rather than leave you floundering around for answers, we have gone out of our way to find and offer solutions to the IVA questions.
For example, if you want a pair of leather faced bucket seats, as is traditional in the AC Cobra, our all new design, Laguna Seca Seats have removable headrests. When removed, your seats look just like a pair of original seats from an original car.
It’s all about talking to us, and as new module customer we are in a position to offer you a host of added bonus packages, including a free Pre-IVA evaluation* before your car is taken for test.
Rest easy. The IVA is a breeze….
1. 30% off the post IVA Module if all previous modules have been purchased.
2. Up to £200.00 off the delivery of the chassis when purchasing modules 1 to 3 together.
3. We will keep you on track throughout your build with regular progress checks and follow-up calls.
4. Full technical phone and email support 5 1/2 days a week, exclusively for modular build customers
5. Drop in technical support. The first Wednesday of every month, exclusively for modular build customers
6. IVA guidance throughout the project and when the time comes.
7. Over 32 years experience of building replica Cobra’s.
8. Highest residual value in the replica Cobra market.
9. We hold a full and comprehensive stock of parts in our large stores department
10 .Many parts are British made, often on our own site.
11. Easier to assemble as you no longer need a massive workshop or storage for donor cars and parts.
12. Pay as you assemble, go at your own manageable pace and budget.
We can put you in touch with engine suppliers for both Rover and Chevrolet engines, ensuring you get the best price and quality.
The cost of building your own Classic 2 Seater Sports convertible has gone up in recent years, with the rising cost of raw materials, and the premium retained in old Donor Cars. At Pilgrim Motorsports we would like to offer a whole new way to buy and build your own car.
The Pilgrim Motorsports Modular Build Programme
Build your car from beginning to end in sized modules, from chassis, through IVA, to on the road, with some value added bonuses, and massive savings in our accumulator buying scheme.
You will also benefit from the full expertise of our staff by having exclusive access to our “Live Video” link in the event that you need technical assistance. (Technical Help hours apply)
Ok so you have seen the sense in the modular build programme, now give us a call or fill in the enquiry form and leave your contact details.
One of the highly experienced members of staff will contact you to discuss options such as engine, LHD or RHD, colours etc…We look forward to hearing from you.
You can buy each module when you are ready. You only need to pay for each module when you order.
Click here to see how much it all costs.
Module Parts lists 1-10

The Modular Build Programme.


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What’s in each module?

Chassis Module.
This module includes all the items you will need to create the basic unbraked, steerable rolling chassis, without the wheels.
Find out what is in Module 1
Donor Module

We will supply you with all the parts you need from the Donor car. There will be a mixture original used parts, reconditioned powder coated parts, and the bits that wear are new.
Find out what is in Module 2

Hydraulic Module

This Module provides all the parts you will need to put brakes, clutch and fuel lines into your build.

You will now need to source and purchase your choice of Engine. We can advise you how to proceed, but this purchase must be your responsibility.
Find out what is in Module 3

Engine Bay Module

The engine module will provide all the components needed to electrically connect your engine and to complete the plumbing.

Find out what is in Module 4

Wheel Module

Due to the extreme lead times on wheel purchases, we advise you to order your wheels now.

Find out what is in Module 5

Body Module

The Body module will provide you with all the parts required to complete the main body and shuts fitment.

Find out what is in Module 6

Bright Work Module

This package will provide you with all the bling associated with a 427 Cobra of this period.

Find out what is in Module 7

Electrics Module

This Module provides all the lights, switches, the interior and electrical finishing touches for your car.

Find out what is in Module 8

Seats and so furnishings. All choices of colour and design come to life in this module.

Find out what is in Module 9

Post IVA Module

Finally… All the parts you couldn’t fit to the car prior to IVA
Find out what is in the final Module

Please note
All prices shown in this module are subject to VAT at the current rate, and are may change without notice according to marketplace trends. Pilgrim Motorsports will endeavour to notify customers of price changes as soon as possible,.
All parts correspond to those shown in the main parts catalogue, but may be subject to change from those shown in photographs depending on availability and changes in IVA legisla on. Pilgrim Motorsports pride themselves on staying up to date with IVA legislation, but cannot be held responsible if any changes in the law render any parts non-compatible.

A customer’s time lapse of Module 1.

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