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Cobra Replicas Factory built or Kit Supplied
During 2016 we will get more involved in the club, hold factory tours and have meet ups.
2015 saw the purchase of the business itself, manufacturing stock, equipment, parts stock, classic car stock, kit cars and the renovation of the factory premises.
We are completely committed to the future of Pilgrim.
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Pilgrim Cobra Replica Kit Cars

It is our priority to ensure that the Pilgrim Sumo either in Kit Car form or as a fully constructed Factory Built Car, remains the most affordable path to the world of replica Cobra ownership.

Pligrim Sumo Replica Cobra

  • Purchase a Complete Pilgrim Kit
  • Fibreglass Cobra Body
  • Fully Galvanised Chassis
  • Choice of V8 engines
  • Factory Built Option
  • Build Your Dream Spec
  • Halibrand Replica Wheels
  • Leather Interiors
  • Bespoke Hardtop Option
  • Call 01273 493860

2016 Parts Catalogue

Download our latest parts catalogue with prices and photos of all the items you need to build your dream car.


Factory Built Cobra Replicas

Allowing enthusiasts to affordably experience the thrill of owning one of the most iconic sports cars ever produced will continue to be this company’s focus.

Pilgrim Cobra Hand Built in Sussex

  • Expert build
  • Superb V8 Power
  • Choice of specs
  • RHD or LHD
  • Exported across the EU
  • Faithful replica of the AC Cobra

American Muscle Cars & Classic Cars

We have a stunning selection of iconic American muscle cars, and classic cars for sale. All purchased in the driest states of the USA.Hand picked from private sellers. We are specialists in the Ford Mustang, especially the early ones as wells Ford Thunderbirds. We video all of our cars to let you have a really close up look. You can view our YouTube channel by clicking on their icon at the top of the page.

  • Ready to drive away
  • Full HD video
  • Very carefully selected
  • Part exchange
  • UK supplied Sports cars too…

Cobra Replica Kit Cars Built to Order in Our Sussex Factory

History & Future

Pilgrim began in the late 1960’s with the first few cars being constructed in the original owner’s home garage here in Sussex. The unbelievers said it would never catch on, but Pilgrim slowly grew into the largest manufacturer of replica cobras in Europe.


Over 15,000 Kits Sold

At its height Pilgrim was producing ten kits a week as well as building turnkey cars at the factory. It is believed that Pilgrim has produced in excess of 15,000 kits as cars and kits since its inception in that small garage.

Along the way Pilgrim has also built other cars/kits which have included The Bulldog, Family Tourer, Haldane, Jeepster, Hawthorn, Minotaur, Martini and of course the ever famous Sumo Mk1 Mk2 & the current Mk3. Pilgrims production numbers must surely exceed the combined output of all its competitors put together.

At the moment we are renovating the factory which is a massive task, so far in excess of 70 tons of detritus have been cleared from the site.
Just to give those customers who have not visited us an idea of the scale of the business.
The factory is 16,500 sqft + a car sales area of 14,000sqft.


The factory consists of:
1) The factory workshop where we produce right or left hand drive cars to order. These cars are factory built ready to drive away.
2) The metal fabrication and welding shop. Where our chassis are manufactured by highly skilled craftsman .
3) The fibreglass and laminating shop, here our expert staff produce the Cobra bodies and associated parts.
4) The 2,000 sqft store room where all your parts are housed!
5) The 500 sqft packing room where your parts are packed.
6) The car sales area under renovation 14,000 sqft

So you can see that the car is manufactured entirely in house. However we do send the chassis away for galvanising as we do not have that very important facility on site.

Based in Sussex Pilgrim Motorsports:

Metal Fabrication Shop


We fabricate chassis, suspension components and manifolds and many other parts in our metal shop.

Body Moulding & Laminating


We produce our body shells in our fibreglass and laminating workshop from our own moulds.

We supply all Cobra parts necessary for your Replica Kit Car build.

Online Shop

Soon our online shop will be live, making the process of odering your parts not only simpler but more efficient.

Car Sales

We sell new factory built Cobra replicas for both the UK & EU markets in RHD or LHD. We also have an excellent selection of classic cars and muscle which are all exclusively sourced from the dry states of the U.S.A.

  • Full HD video
  • 20+ hi-res images
  • Full descriptions

Kit Car Parts

All parts are available from Pilgrim for you to complete your project from a galvanised chassis to a rear number plate lamp or boot lid.
Please call us with your requirements.
Click here for our 2016 Parts catalogue

  • Online shop (soon)
  • Photos of all items
  • Clear descriptions
  • Phone ordering


We are looking for additional staff, especially within the car construction department. If you are experienced and you live locally why not give us a ring?

  • Experienced mechanic
  • Vehicle construction
  • Brighton area?