Module 09 Interior

With this module, we offer you the chance to become creative and personalise your car to stand out in the crowd. Our standard seat and trim sets are available in Vinyl or Leather, and supplied with a pair of IVA compatible, fluted seats in a host of colours with a matched or contrast colour piping. Our standard carpet set is supplied with a choice of matched or contrast colour piping, and rubber floor tread wear pads.

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If you would prefer something a little special, it is worth talking to us.

We can supply Seats with single or double line diamond stitching, and even the thread can be a contrasting colour, or you may prefer to have the “AC” or “Cobra” Logo embroidered or embossed on your leather. Some of you might want both.Carpet sets can be supplied with a Leather tunnel top and/or a Leather rear bulkhead panel, again, with or without a logo.These are all available as added extras to our standard sets. Feel free to ask.