Certificate Of Conformity (COC)

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If you require this service please order using the online shopping facility and send the required evidence via email, attaching copies of the documents and photographs that we ask for below.

We are getting constantly asked how I can get my Pilgrim registered in France. This used to be no problem but unfortunately, 36 months ago the French authorities decided to centralise all their registration processes. As a result, only cars with E.U. numbers can be registered in France. As you can imagine trying to put a 1960” s design through this would be impossible. The French Authorities do not want to discuss this, in fairness to them they do not have small car manufacturers like us anymore and do not understand our market.

The certificate that we supply, does not hold an EU number, we will not issue it unless we have all the required evidence, we refuse to put Pilgrim Motorsports’ integrity in doubt by producing a document that contains legally incorrect information. The certificate is not a guarantee for French Registration.
F.F.V.E. Have stated to us that the Sumo was first built in 1989, as a result, any car manufactured in that year will be able to be registered as it will be thirty years old. We know we built them earlier than that, but after discussions, they will only accept 1990 and 1991 at this moment in time. If you require a Certificate of Authenticity, to prove the age of construction, you will need to email, clear well lit copies of the following:

If you are looking at a genuine Pilgrim Sumo Cobra then the chassis will be galvanized, we have always galvanized our chassis. The chassis when first galvanized looks like tin foil in colour and texture. We do not have the details of every single chassis number as many were lost over time. The chassis numbers were not held on a computer database, so a manual search of paper records is undertaken to find these details. This search can take days. Most of our cars are built as kits and personal numbers are used. We recommend that you research which model you are purchasing, as you will need to know this when purchasing parts.
We are happy to do full identification to establish which model you have. Please be aware we receive over 250 emails a week from our customers needing technical advice. We answer all emails in turn. Help us help you by sending the information we need, as stated below. Please be patient we are a small family-run company, and we will respond as soon as we can.
However, for us to do this we would need clear, well-lit photographs of the car showing the following:
1) The exterior to show doors and roll bars. A wheel Arch edge with the top of the Stone Guard is taken in the shot. The interior to show instruments.
2) The Front Bulk Heads and battery mounting area in the Engine Bay.
3) Underside showing several shots of chassis and running gear
4) The chassis rails in the Engine Bay.
5)The rear nudge bar fitting, picture to be taken from under the car looking up, to show how it fits onto the car. The Bodywork below the point where the rear Nudge Bar tubes pass through it (needs to be from below the Nudge Bar centre line at 45 degrees to the rear of the car).
6)Inside the boot (needs to be well lit).
7) The Front Suspension.
8) Underneath the rear of the car looking towards the rear suspension. The underside of the boot.
9) Scanned copies of V5 or other relevant paperwork.
10)The front suspension.11) Picture of Chassis plate and stamped number on chassis.

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