Ceramic Coating

£1,000.00 + VAT

Ceramic CoatingCeramic Coating


Here at Pilgrim’s , we offer two levels of paint correction to suit your needs: 1-stage and 2-stage paint correction.

A 1-stage paint correction involves a single pass of machine polishing to remove light imperfections such as swirl marks, minor scratches, and haze, resulting in enhanced gloss and clarity.

On the other hand, our 2-stage paint correction provides a more comprehensive solution. It includes multiple polishing steps to address deeper imperfections, scratches, and oxidation, leaving your vehicle’s paint surface dramatically improved with a deep, mirror-like finish.

Both options are designed to rejuvenate and protect your car’s paint, ensuring a stunning and long-lasting shine. Pair either of these services with our Ceramic Guard paint protection for maximum durability and defence against the elements.

This is only available to modern cars.