The Self Modular Build AC Cobra

Pay As You Build

Pilgrim Cobra Modular Build

Modular Build System

Break the build into 10 bite-size modules to create a methodical, step-by-step process. Get the parts you need at the time you need them.

Technical Support

Full technical phone and email support over five days a week, exclusive to modular build clients.

Easy Assemble

Easy to assemble: no need for a massive workshop or parts storage. Receive IVA preparation and guidance throughout the project.

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Cobra Modular Builds

Several years ago, we found that clients were buying several parts and fitting them, only to later find they would need to be taken off in order to fit another. Enthusiasm therefore started to dwindle, and they needed to be put back on the right track. So, the 10 ‘bite-size chunks’ was introduced, where clients can buy each module as of when they need them. It has been a huge success.

This can be dependent on budget, broken up over several months or years to aid affordability or space. Many of our clients build in a single garage and do not have enough space to have a whole kit delivered at once. This allows them to follow an easy, step-by-step process to a fully built Cobra.

Please remember that all our team are able to help with questions. You are more than welcome to pop in and have a chat with one of the Cobra guys or come and take photographs of the Cobras being built. We are happy to supply parts you may need, should you wish to build one outside of the modular system. We have a large Parts department should you need to upgrade your existing Cobra.

Any questions? Have a look at our 10-module system below. You can also download our technical manual (hard copy available for purchase here) or consult our FAQ section for any immediate concerns.

What's in Each of the 10 Modules?

All prices shown are subject to VAT at the current rate and may change without notice according to marketplace trends. Pilgrim Motorsports will endeavour to notify customers of price changes as soon as possible. All parts correspond to those shown in the main parts catalogue but may be subject to change from those shown in photographs depending on availability and changes in IVA legislation. Pilgrim Motorsports pride themselves on staying up to date with IVA procedure, but cannot be held responsible if any changes in the law render any parts non-compatible.

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A Unique Driving Experience

A glimpse into some expert chassis preparation by our top engineers. 90% of the quality of a car comes from preparation.

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1. How long does it take us to build a Cobra?
It takes our Cobra guys 3-4 month, including the car sprayed at our workshops.

2. I’m worried about prepping the fibre glass.
We can do that for you or show you how.

3. I have only done simple mechanics before, how will I get on?
No problem, some clients have never been mechanically minded but have still managed with a little help from us to build their dream. Others who have changed brake pads in their cars and done minor servicing have flown through the process and have stated that they spent years worrying whether they could do it and wish they had started sooner!

4. I’m worried about the IVA.
Don’t be! The IVA is put in place to keep you and others safe on our roads. They are not monsters, in fact they are very helpful. We have worked with the DVSA and the IVA system for 36 years and I assure you it is nothing to be worried about. Most of our modular build guys pass first time and if they don’t it’s usually a couple of small things that need fixing, which if they had taken their toolbox with them could have been fixed on site, as this is allowed in most circumstances. Just follow the plan when building and the Cobra will live.

5. How much will it cost?
If you find many of the parts yourself and prep them yourself a Cobra could you as little as £18k, or you can add up all the modules and just put the cost of your preferred engine on top. Depending on your specification, you will be spending in the region of £24k + VAT for a full spec Cobra. Our own new factory-built Cobras are now selling for £55k - £70k. We do have a couple of our clients who build a Cobra every couple of years, have some fun and then sell them, giving them a comfortable profit every time.