Introducing The Pilgrim AC Cobra Kit Car

Factory Built AC Cobra

The Classic Roadster Built To Order


We work to the highest quality spec, from galvanised chassis to stainless steel exhaust system, chrome & alloy exterior trim, cockpit & boot carpeting, and leather seats.

5700cc V8

Generating 300 BHP, our powerful factory-built roadster packs a punch. The Pilgrim Sumo MK3 comes in as right hand or left-hand drive.


A simply beautiful body design.

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A Unique Driving Experience

For those of our fans who prefer to keep their hands relatively clean, why not have your dream Cobra Replica built at the Pilgrim Motorsports factory? Choose your specification, colour, and trim combinations, and allow us to build you the most cost-effective Cobra replica available. You could be taking delivery in 10/12 weeks from today.

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The Pilgrim AC Cobra Recreation

Drive. Right-hand or left-hand drive options

Body Type. Roadster

Engine Size. 5,700cc V8

Power. 300 BHP

Gearbox. Manual 5 Speed

Colours. Choose from any British standard colours

Price from £55,000

Full Specification


Pilgrim are justifiably proud of their chassis, both in design and strength. Improvements have been made over the 35 years from the MK1 Cobra Replica in 1997 to the MK3, which led with a ladder frame chassis. We very quickly learned our lesson and, unlike many other kit manufacturers, promptly swapped to the much stronger, and far more rigid, box frame semi-monocoque design. This means that if you manage to park with one wheel on the curb, the flex in the chassis is not so great that you can’t open the doors.


Pilgrim Motorsports take your safety and welfare as one of our major priorities when developing and manufacturing any parts used in the build of our cars. The need for change coincided with a European rise in concern for the safety of cars in the event of side-impact. As a result, you may notice that as a matter of course the Pilgrim design now has two steel bars running down the entire length of both driver and passenger doors.

This means that Pilgrim offer a semi-monocoque chassis with serious side-impact protection at floor level, and double side-impact bars through both driver and passenger doors, which are connected directly to folded steel uprights on the chassis. If that were not enough, the 1.6mm fluted floors welded to the inner chassis rail act as a cushion in the event of an accident. In a nutshell, that equates to a combined 8mm of galvanised steel which flexes and gives in a way that leaves the passenger compartment well and truly intact.

Deformable Crash Structure

Take a look at the front of our chassis. Note how the angles of the bottom rails have been carefully designed so that in the event of a head-on collision, the entire front end of the car folds up, forcing the engine in an upward direction by way of the engine footplates, as opposed to through the bulkhead whereby you could wind up with a few hundred pounds of V8 on your lap. Steel bulkheads offer further protection, and to make sure it does not rust out from under your feet we have made it the norm to galvanise our chassis as part of the build and value-added package.

British Standards

All our chassis are built on-site by highly-experienced welders using certified materials that conform to all British standards. Constructed on a tried-and-tested jig, every chassis produced is identical and guaranteed to meet the demands of everyday driving.

Time Scale and Payments

We can manufacture a Cobra in four months from the deposit. We take three stage payments: for the deposit, halfway through, and for the finished product.

We Give Used Cars a New Life

Love the idea of a classic but a bit overwhelmed by kit cars? We have a whole gallery of used Cobras we restored and made good as new. We also have a whole website dedicated to muscle cars, so you can browse some of our stock there, but for Cobras specifically contact us directly to see if we have what you’re after.

Meet the People You’re Looking For

We are a family-run business, with some of our craftsmen bringing in their sons to the Pilgrim workforce so their skills can be passed on. We are always looking to build relationships with new clients, which hopefully will last for many years.

We know it sometimes feels like a leap of faith when taking your pride and joy to a new garage. To break the ice, please pop in for a factory tour and a coffee whilst chatting to the guys. Every second Sunday in the month we host a "Cars and Caffeine" morning from 10.00am-1.00pm, where you can meet us and like minded people to have a look around our facility. Over 400 people turned up to the last one!

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