The Self Modular Build Cobra

Welcome to Pilgrim Motorsports

Pilgrim have been building cars since the sixties. This means we have sixty years of experience delivering excellence to your door.

From humble beginnings of single car-builds to a fully-functioning large factory in the mid-eighties, Pilgrim’s huge success was largely down to its recreation of the famous AC Cobra, and a few years later the Pilgrim Speedster was introduced. Both replicas were and remain very popular, in both factory-build form or build-your-own. Pilgrim Motorsports have built over 14,000 bespoke cars. If there’s anyone you can trust with yours, it’s us.

With nearly 40 years of car manufacturing expertise, we decided several years ago to open our facilities to the classic car restoration and service business.

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Classic Car Restoration & Service

We pride ourselves on our engineers and craftsman being the best, with a wealth of experience in the art of classic car care. From chassis design, to bodywork, paintwork, metal fabrication, electrical, mechanical, and upholstery. We’ll handle any work required on our clients’ new-age, veteran, or classic car.

Bodywork & Repair

The latest paint schemes and fibreglass bodywork are our specialty. We have a digital spectrometer for difficult colour matching, a state-of-the-art oven and the best engineers available.

Servicing and Fault-Finding

We have a large workshop to perform anything from small service work to engine rebuilds, electrical troubleshooting, carburettor/fuelling issues, suspension upgrades, and metal fabrication.

Personal Service

We pride ourselves on this part of the business. Many areas of our work may be high-tech, but we firmly believe that old-fashioned customer service is paramount in today’s world.

Pilgrim Motorsports is an approved member of the Retail Motor Industry Federation. We have also recently been audited by the R.M.I.F. and we are now part of their Trust My Garage scheme.

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We Give Used Cars a New Life

Love the idea of a classic but a bit overwhelmed by kit cars? We have a whole gallery of used Cobras and Speedsters we restored and made good as new. We also have a whole website dedicated to muscle cars, so you can browse some of our stock there, but for Cobras and Speedsters specifically contact us directly to see if we have what you’re after.

Pilgrim Cobra

Pilgrim’s original replica project and hugely popular over the years, the Pilgrim Cobra remains one of the most rewarding outcomes for us as craftsmen and engineers. If you’re happy, we’re happy. Book a test drive below.

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Pilgrim Speedster Modular Kit Car

Our factory-built Speedster replicas have sold in countries all around the world. Since their inception, we’ve made significant improvements to the engineering. We’ve upgraded the suspension disc brakes to replace the VW Beetle front suspension, upgraded the rear suspension to give the ride a completely different feel through corners, and installed under braking. The heating is now no longer Beetle either, so you can keep snug in the cooler months. The Speedster is powered by various VW engines.

We make them beautiful too. You may notice our Speedster has a retro look to it, with a more streamlined hood, for that wonderful sleek look and feel.

All cars are bespoke and made to order. We give our clients all the colour and style options available.

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The years of manufacture are shown from the time each model was produced in the final prototype. However, it is helpful to remember that a small number of cars fall outside of the production dates shown because they are pre-prototype releases, trials, or realised ideas. The numbers of each model produced are best estimates, not exact figures. Even with these exceptions, all Pilgrim’s models have passed the necessary tests of their day, and are fully road-legal, low volume-production motor vehicles.