Why buy a Mustang from us

Why buy from Pilgrim Motorsports?
Pilgrim Motorsports realise that there are other companies offering Mustangs for sale but we believe that we offer a unique service to our clients in several ways.
We have a man on the ground in the United States for most of the year whose role is solely to source the best Classic Mustangs that are available.

He is based at our premises in Phoenix Arizona with a 12 car garage which provides a secure holding facility before the Mustangs are rounded up and transported to Long Beach California where they are containerised and shipped to the U.K.
Our man Adrian is also one of the company directors, he has over 40 years experience in Classic Car restoration and preparation with many Concours winning cars under his belt.

Finding high-quality Mustangs is not as easy as you might imagine with many thousands of miles of Highway driving being required to simply cover the huge distances between each car in different parts of the States.

So often the shiny beautiful rust free car advertised turns out to be another old clunker with a rusty body, poor mechanicals and tired interior. These are the cars Adrian leaves behind in pursuit of the genuine Arizonan and Californian cars.

These cars are the examples we seek and in certain areas of these States, it is possible to find genuinely rust free cars that have been maintained really well by long-term enthusiastic owners that require only minimal work before being offered for sale.

It must be remembered that people move around within the USA and take their cars with them, so not all Californian and Arizonan cars have been in the dry sunny climate for all their 50 plus years having been driven from perhaps Illinois or New Jersey or similar State where the wet and salty roads have already taken their corrosive effect.

Buying the genuine original dry state cars direct from the last owner with a truly expert eye using criteria which excludes those cars that have been subject to serious accident damage, corrosion or need many hours of mechanical work carrying out to make buying fromPilgrim Motorsports a very sensible option.
Our competitors buy the cars we leave behind perhaps because they are limited to just a few days on a buying trip or are trusting a third party buyer who is only interested in his percentage.  Whatever the reason we know we have the best Classic Mustangs available.

In addition to this stringent buying criterion which sets us aside from the competition, few companies can offer the backup support coming from a fully equipped specialist workshop with trained, qualified technicians on hand to look after, improve and maintain your Classic Mustang throughout the course of your ownership.

Our factory has also been producing the renowned Pilgrim Replicas of the iconic 427 AC Cobra alongside the 356 Speedster for over thirty years, we build the Chassis for these cars from scratch, we manufacture the Bodies from scratch and assemble by hand these re-creations utilising parts made entirely in our own facility here in West Sussex.

With these skills on hand from our team of “Old School” Craftsmen preparing and maintaining your Mustang purchased fromPilgrim Motorsports presents no issues. So get in touch with us now to arrange a date to come and visit our amazing facility. We will show you around our welding, fabricating and assembly lines and then introduce you to our specialist technicians who can answer any questions you have about maintaining the Mustang you choose from our growing stable.

Check out the competition first and then come and see how the job should be done. We love what we do and we are certain you will too.
Pilgrim Motorsports. The Go To, the centre for quality hand picked Classic Mustangs.