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Build your dream car with a Pilgrim supplied Kit

Cobra Kit :

Pligrim Sumo Mk3
Body Type: Roadster
Body Colours:
White, Blue, Green,
Red, Black in Gel coat.

Available as a Modular Build or parts sold individually.

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Pilgrim’s chassis’s are galvanised for longevity, and indeed we know the whereabouts of one of the first ever Pilgrim cars put on the road. It is 29 years old, and the donor would be 47 years old. The semi-monocoque chassis is designed with safety in mind, and just like new cars of today, it crumples in all the right places to leave the drivers compartment intact. We admit, it is a little heavier than some of our competitors, but when their cars are rusting through, Pilgrim are still going strong.

Our bodies are considered to be among the best in the business. Don’t just take our word for it, read the opening passages of the Haynes Manual for Kit Cars. The Gel-Coat finish* must always be considered a cheap alternative to Paint, but can be polished to a high gloss shine. Gel-Coat is only available in a small selection of colours (Black, White, Navy Blue, Red, Green), but these colour have been especially selected over the years to limit fading. Also available in a grey sanding gel finish, especially with painting in mind.

How to get going?
If you do not yet have access to our construction manual, please download it here. This is the place to start. Give yourself some idea of what is involved, and ensure that you have the skill set required, or know someone that will help.
The build can basically be split into four main sections.
1. Donor Car and Preparation.
2. The Rolling Chassis
3. The Body
4. The Trim

Everything you will need from the Ford Sierra/Granada, excluding the engine and gearbox for your Sumo build.
The parts list comprises of the following:

· Front hub uprights
· Discs and callipers
· Steering rack*
· Brake master cylinder with servo and vacuum pipe*
· Manual Pedal box unless an auto gearbox is being fitted
· Steering wheel, column, switches with wiring and shroud. (See Note Below)
· Rubber bulkhead bush
· Ignition lock and key

· Red wiper delay relay
· Handbrake lever with switch
· Front door locks & striker plates
· Differential with rubber mounting
· 2 drive shafts
· Rear radius arms
· Rear brakes and discs/drums
· Wiring Loom (Optional)
· And most importantly of all; The registration document from the donor car

Important Notes.
You can use the Ford Granada steering column, but it is vital that you specify this if you order a new wiring loom from Pilgrim. The wiring loom from the donor car can be re-used, but this is not recommended unless you are extremely competent with vehicle electrics. We recommend you purchase a new loom. Nb. If you are using this list as a guide, parts can also be taken from a Granada mk3, but all the parts marked above with a * must be taken from a Sierra. You will also require a second hand Mini Heater Blower Unit.
And now…
Time to order. Be aware that we sometimes have a lead time for delivery.

Construction Manual

All pages and sections are now available. Please ignore any reference to prices.

eBay DVD

Mark Evans builds a Pilgrim. 'A Car is Born'. The series.

Single roll over hoop fitted to Pilgrim Sumo AC Cobra Replica kit car in blue rear shotPilgrim Sumo AC Cobra Replica kit car, factory built LHD filler capRebuilt Rover V8 fitted to factory built Pilgrim Sumo AC Cobra Replica kit car.Halibrand replica wheels fitted to Pilgrim Sumo AC Cobra Replica kit carPilgrim Sumo AC Cobra Replica kit car, bumper and headlamp finished in blue, factory builtPilgrim Sumo AC Cobra Replica kit car side vents finished in blue, factory builtPilgrim Sumo AC Cobra Replica kit car, with AC windscreen and mirror front finished in blue, factory built

Episode 2
A car is born, building a Pilgrim Sumo.
Starting with the donor car.

Episode 3
If you are planning on building a Pilgrim Sumo, then these make a good watch.

Episode 4
You can watch all the ‘A Car is Born’ if you buy the DVD on eBay. Link below.

Pilgrim owners video.
There are many videos uploaded on YouTube of Pilgrim Sumos.

Address & Contact

Units 12-14
Mackley Industrial Estate,
Small Dole, Henfield
Nr Brighton, West Sussex,
Great Britain


Phone +44 (0)1273 493860

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