1967 Plymouth Barracuda

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Make & Model: Plymouth Barracuda

Year of Manufacture: 1967
Body Type: Coupe
Engine size: 4500cc  273 cu in
Power BHP: 180BHP
Gearbox type: Automatic
Mileage*: 34112
Colour: Deep Metallic Blue
Factory Options:
Power Steering Automatic Transmission/span>


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Knowing full-well that Ford was planning on introducing a sporty, 2-door version of its compact Falcon sedan, the other American manufacturers of the day rushed to build their own competitor in order to gain an advantage in the newly emerging segment. The Mopar family followed the same recipe as their Dearborn-based opponent by utilising the compact A-body platform and drive components to form a sporty car for the day’s youth. Thus, the Barracuda was born, beating the Mustang to the sales floor by two weeks. 1967 saw the introduction of the updated model which brought about 2 extra inches on the wheelbase and model-specific sheet metal to greater distance itself from its sedan brethren. Plymouths fuel in their competitive fire were a wide variety of engines that began on the bottom end with pedestrian 170cid slant-6 and ended at the top with the 440cid V8. Certainly, there was no shortage of performance as production carried later into the 60s, and the stage was now set for the ultimate third generation vehicle of 1970.

The Barracuda was delivered new to a schoolteacher in Camden, New Jersey as a gift for her young son before facing Vietnam’s draft. Sadly, he was one of the many who did not return, and the nearly brand-new Plymouth remained dormant for the subsequent two decades. In the early 1980s, the father of the future second owner suggested that a lady colleague of his within the school that he worked had, tucked away a nearly new ’67 Plymouth in her garage nearby. The introduction was made and a deal was agreed, and the ownership passed on to the young man and his family where it has since remained. Having lived most of its life inside a Pennsylvania garage, this Barracuda has less than 35,000 miles since new on its “D” code 273 V-8 having been enjoyed solely on dry summer days. Although a fresh coat of code EE1, Dark Blue Metallic paint was applied and some interior fittings have seen replacement since 1967, the car remains largely untouched.

With a fascinating story, this Barracuda is truly a fantastic example of a survivor pony car and is sure to get your heart pumping. A great show car where prizes for originality will surely be won!!

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