Speedster Kit

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Pilgrim Speedster

Due to popular demand we are re-introducing the Speedster kit option.
Please call us to find out about building a Speedster from one of our kits, this is a far larger job than assembling one of our Cobra Kits, as there is chassis work to to on the donor Beetle.
It may be possible to build a Speedster without a donor car from our kit providing you are able to find all the new parts from various VW Beetle and Porsche parts supplier websites. This would require a hefty budget but would provide a superb specimen.

There is a 12 week delivery time for this product.

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Part no: Speedkit
Part name: Speedster kit

Full description:
The kit includes:
Pilgrim Speedster Sub chassis – You will need to source your own donor car to attach the ‘Sub Chassis’ to.
Body Tub
Boot & Bonnet
All hinges for doors boot & bonnet

We can deliver this product anywhere in the UK, or you can pick up directly from the factory.

Pilgrim Speedster – VW Chassis Compatibility

Basically you can use the chassis from any VW Beetle between 1948 onwards, however the easiest options are models from 1969 – onwards. Earlier models may need some modification to the chassis.
If you are happy to build your car with swing axle rear suspension, your car will be fitted with the correct frame head and front suspension components. You will still be required to fit a new adjustable height front axle beam in order to gain the correct ride heights. No further modification is required.
You may want to consider a number of upgrades, like front brake disks. Talk to your local VW Classic supplier, and make sure you are fully aware with what bits fit to what.
If you choose to build a vehicle with IRS (Independent Rear Suspension, with CV jointed rear drive shafts), you will find that the car will be fitted with McPherson strut front suspension. This type of suspension is unsuitable for use on the Pilgrim Speedster.
You will need to use the front axle beam from a car that has a swing arm rear suspension. You will also need to use the steering column and box from this car. This will mean purchasing a second donor car, or replacing the necessary parts to enable fitment of the correct front axle beam. This will include replacing the frame head. These parts are readily available from a host of VW classic parts suppliers.
There are a whole host of upgrades that can be utilised, and it would be well worth your time working out, along with the help of a supplier, like VW Heritage, Karmann Classics, what goes with what. Look at brakes, steering and suspension, and make sure you are confident with your choices.
Are you using the Donor Car Engine?

If you plan to use the donor car engine, you are only likely to get a 1300 or 1500 engine, unless you purchase a 1302 or 1303 model. If you purchase the 1302, you will still have to carry out the front axle/suspension modifications, but you will at least gain yourself a series of useable knobs and buttons from the dashboard.
The 1303 is fitted with more modern switches, which in our opinion are completely unsuitable in a period looking Speedster.

N.B. Pilgrim’s Wiring loom will not support 6 volt electrical systems due to higher amperage.

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Black, White, Blue, Red, BRG, Primer, British Standard Colour Option

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