1965 Ford F100 Long Bed Pickup Truck

Throughout the Wild West everyone owns a truck, the pickup with its versatility and working appeal has replaced the horse for almost all the modern Cowboys. Thousands remain in use from the battered but still working post war Chevy’s, Dodge, GMC and Fords right up to the state of the art high performance modern working pick ups with 4 X 4 transmissions, turbocharged and fuel injected high performance engines.
Most if not all, through the very nature of their design and use, acquire signs of wear and tear in varying degrees, sun faded paint, dented and scratched panels and pick up beds that give testament to the years of hauling goods, tools, equipment and livery.
The older the truck the more the patina of use becomes apparent, that is with the exception of this incredible example of Ford’s 1965 F100 workhorse.
Found in Tucson under the recent ownership by the CEO of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra this Truck really is exceptional. The unibody cab, long bed body, tailgate, chassis and in fact every area of this vehicle are literally as sound as the day they were made. It’s previous owners from Vail, a town 35 miles SW of Tucson, were two brothers who shared a passion for their truck which afforded it such careful use during its warranted 56,000 miles that it has never been subjected to the normal type of work described above.
The FE series 390 cubic inch 6.4L V8 is original and so sweet, automatic three speed transmission with power steering and brakes make this a joy to drive, new shocks, springs, brakes and exhaust give the feeling of a new vehicle. The interior is absolutely stunning and again has the feel and appearance of a virtually new truck, sitting on a set of Chrome Rims with matching Half Moon Hub Caps and Bridgestone Billboard lettered radials the truck was an irresistible purchase for us.
On the F100’s arrival at our workshops in the UK we were able to really examine the condition of the truck in detail and the incredibly straight undamaged and undented body was found to be even better condition than we had at first imagined, only the sun had taken its toll on the paint finish and a decision was made to disassemble the body and give the truck a high quality refinish. The glass was removed and then the doors, wings, hood, truck bed and tailgate were all disassembled and painted separately to the cab, incredibly for any vehicle let alone a 51 year old truck, no filling or repairs were required and the panels were simply sanded, etched, primed and painted. The result is a truck of show quality which now carries a solid Ash Hardwood Bed Liner hand made in our own workshops then lacquered with four coats of non scratch two pack lacquer polished to the same high gloss as the bodywork.
One word describes this truck, outstanding. Come and take a look for yourself.

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Make & Model :

Ford F100 4th Gen Twin Beam
Year of Manufacture: 1965
Body Type: Pickup
Engine size: 6.4 litre 390cu FE series
Power: 275 bhp
Gearbox type: Automatic
Colour: White
Fitted Options:
Aircon, Ash wood flatbed floor liner & Power steering..


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